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Get your company listed and connect with customers searching for products, services and contact persons for business in Nigeria. Our directory sites attract over 20,000 weekly visitors both national and international. As you see companies here, you should add your company so that people can contact you. Our database is growing. We started with 6000Profiles, now we are building 50,000Contacts. Be part of the making. Get listed now.
Two Listing Options - Basic & Enhanced
Listing Options

Basic Listing

For basic listing all companies are listed in uniform blue colors whether in the alphabetical grouping, category index, or states in Nigeria where your head office or branches are located. Same is for the keyword search in which companies are found by visitors using keywords to search for companies. Note: For basic listing only customers who buy the directory can have password to contact you. We recommend you choose Enhanced Listing so that everyone can contact you without buying directory.
Basic Listing Price is now FREE

Enhanced Listing

The enhanced listing is the type in which you are encouraged to have your company listed in bold red colors which makes you easily noticed in the crowed of other companies. Second, if you have a website your website URL will appear along side your listing. Third, your profile page becomes accessible free without password, this means all over 20,000 weekly visitors to the directory site can see your contact details and contact you without buying the directory.
Enhanced Listing Price is N20,000 ($135), one payment - life time validity.


Benefits of Enhanced Listing
1. Enhanced listing makes your company appear in bold red colors and easily noticed in the crowed of other companies.
If you have a website, your website URL will also appear along side your listing at the group result pages.
With enhanced listing, your profile page and contact details will become accessible Free to our over 20,000 weekly visitors
    without password and without buying the directory. That way you draw all the attention and contacts to yourself.

Choose Here After reading above info.

N20,000 or ($135) - Enhanced listing
This option is one payment, life time validity. Everyone will see your contact details free and contact you without buying directory.

FREE  - Basic listing
This option is Free. But only customers who buy directory can have password to see your contact details before they can contact you.